terrain and in these weather conditions.  We took pictures at the lighthouse and returned to the ferry only to find I had lost my camera on the way back.  I remembered taking a picture of Peter mending his 3rd puncture and where it had happened.  I went back and searched around, but no joy.  The only solution was to get a single-use camera and go back to the lighthouse on the Saturday.  In very thick mist and drizzle and cold, we did this. (We got very cold taking these pictures just to show off the logo on the T-shirts!).  We enjoyed meeting Jock Elliot and his friends who were staying in the bothy about a mile from the ferry.  Jock helped Peter with some emergency repairs to his derailleur mechanism, but once beyond the bothy we were by several miles the most Nothwesterly people on the UK mainland.  In the fog we felt a long way from the world as we know it.


The rest of the trip went basically as planned except for my accident!  I went back and did the section I had missed from Northallerton with another friend Paul Wilkinson in September.  We had unremitting headwinds, which were often strong and this is reflected in the low speeds. The records on the following pages are in three parts reflecting the disjointed nature of my D2D.

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