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Dunwich Dynamo 2007



Waiting to start at London Fields


Dunwich Dynamo 28/29 July 2007


This year I decided to try to do the Dunwich Dynamo, a 120 mile overnight ride from London Fields to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.  I had not done more than 105 miles in one stretch before, let alone at night, so it was going to be a challenge for me.


I bought an additional headlamp – a Cateye EL530  with a powerful beam to supplement my existing 5 LED lamp which has a more spread beam. I also bought a second bright rear light.  This gave me good forward illumination and ensured I was highly visible form the rear.


In the run-up to the event the weather forecast kept changing, but as the day approached it seemed pretty clear that it was going to rain. I was almost put off, but I did not want to be beaten, so went anyway. I had in mind if it was really bad I could head for home from Leaden Roding or stop at Sudbury and wait for the first train in the morning.


I took the train to London Fields and soon met up with another rider Amit, who kindly took a picture for me to record the start. I was amazed to see people downing pints before the start. I couldn’t have done the ride after that, but maybe my constitution at the age of 63 isn’t what it used to be!