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Dungeness to Durness and Cape Wrath (The D2D)

After our E2E last year, my friend Peter Seaman and I decided to plan a Southeast/Northwest end to end.  This was from Dungeness to Durness (plus Cape Wrath) so we called it the D2D.


We set off from Dungeness on 25 June 2001 on a route which used mostly minor roads and cycleways and took in the Gravesend -Tilbury ferry, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Lincoln, York, Hexham, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Ullapool. 

Sadly I had an accident in Northallerton when my front wheel got stuck in a gulley grating.  An injured knee meant I had to miss 4 days of the trip, rejoining Peter at Inverness.  However we both reached Cape Wrath; twice in fact.  On Friday 6 July we made our first trip.  The weather was misty and cold but mostly dry, with a light Northerly wind.  I was riding my 1997 Dawes Galaxy and Peter his deMayo touring bike.  My 32 size tyres were certainly needed and Peter's racier ones suffered three punctures. .. The distance did not seem as far as 11.5 miles which surprised me on this

Peter (right) and me at Cape Wrath