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At Landís End in the thick mist

Landís End to John Oí Groats attempt May/June 2000


I had planned this attempt jointly with a friend Peter Seaman and we were intending to do it together.† Sadly this was not possible because Peterís wife had to go into hospital.† A German friend of my daughter, Friso† came as a last minute substitute.


Friso rode my Saracen ATB which was about 6 years old and fitted with road tyres.† I rode a 1997 model Dawes Galaxy touring bike which had recently been acquired second hand.


Friso and I started this ride on 31 May 2000.†† Our plan was not to involve cars and to be self-supporting.† We took the train to Penzance and rode to Landís End and back that evening.††


We then set off next day on the first of 14 stages to John OíGroats.† Sadly it came to a very premature ending when I crashed in North Cornwall.† I carried on for 20 miles to Tintagel (nearest A&E 35 miles away!) but with a broken thumb, cracked rib and other injuries I had to drop out.† Friso went on for nearly two days more then also stopped.


Detailed route maps had been prepared based on the CTC bed and breakfast route (scenic route).† T-shirts had been printed with a logo and postcards prepared with the same logo for sending home from each overnight stopping place.


£2000 of sponsorship for the following charities had been obtained:


The Cancer Research Campaign

The British Heart Foundation

A venture scout project to build facilities for Street Scouts in Kenya


I was determined to try again as soon as possible.† Peter and I made the trip in August - see next page.† All my kind sponsors gave me a second chance!